Talent Quest 2021 Incandescent Ticket Ordering

The Talent Quest Finals 2021 will be held at 3:45 pm on 10 December 2021 (Friday) at the School Hall. The tickets for the Talent Quest Finals are out for sale! The ticketing arrangement is as follows:

$150 per ticket for the VIP seats (Quota: 100)
$80 per ticket for other seats (Quota: 250)

We are happy to have invited MC Cheung Tin Fu (張天賦) and Hung Ka Ho (洪嘉豪) as guest performers. Seize your opportunity to watch their fantastic performance live here at La Salle!

Place your ticket order through the link here. Each student could fill in at most FOUR names in the form. Students ordering tickets as a party could only purchase tickets of the same price.The Organising Committee will try their very best to accommodate that the party would be seated together. The seats will be randomly assigned by the Organising Committee if the tickets are ordered separately.

Hurry up, click HERE to grab your ticket to this annual spotlight and immerse in the wondrous voices!