Years after another, the Student Association has delivered its very best to serve our fellow Lasallians. The service involved building the fundamental core values of the Lasallian Spirit, which has driven us through the times of testament and the times of hardship. The Lasallian Spirit has been passed down generation by generation for decades and decades, just as the ignition of torchlight, allowing us Lasallians to stand proud of this unending flame, luxuriating in its placid warmth. Together, serving as one, high aloft her flag and the torch of the Lasallian Spirit, we strive for the very best for our beloved alma mater.


The La Salle College Student Association is a student representative body established since 1974, aiming to represent the students of La Salle College. It is set up to give assistance and to make recommendations to the Principal concerning student affairs; to help bring autonomy among students and promote their character development by all suitable means; to take a leading role to build, secure and defend the good name and reputation of the School and; to promote the welfare of the students; to increase students' sense of belongings; to turn students' idea to reality.




Being one of the most influential student leaders of La Salle College, my mission is to lead and represent the student body of the College as a whole. Holding true to the spirit of my office, I hope to serve as a respectable student leader - upholding the legacy of those who came before us, and striving to set forth for those who are to come. I aspire to be an ambassador of the La Salle Spirit, and to be a compelling role model in both word and deed to young Lasallians, inspiring them to actively partake in the Association’s endeavours. We have to keep up with our surroundings that are changing with each passing day, proving to us Lasallians, and other stakeholders in the society that “La Salle is always something more”.



Chairman of the Class Representative Board

As the CRB chairman, I anticipate to prioritize Lasallian’s interests as my vision by offering welfare to Lasallians. With the passion to serve Lasallians, It is hoped that the student welfare in the coming year could allow students to buy daily necessities and resources for studying at an affordable price. On top of that, I am to organize the annual glamorous Christmas ball for La Salle. I will provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere to the visitors, embarking the sweetest memories of this enchanted night. The Christmas Ball is also the perfect opportunity for Lasallians to learn interacting with females, enhancing the communication ability of fellow boys. Along with several assorted duties like newspaper collection and distribution, I will also give my very best to increase the cohesiveness within the board. With better communication and interaction between members, not only will they find happiness in performing the responsibilities, they will also gain a sense of belonging to the Student Association.


Chairman of the Club Coordinating Board

As the Chairman of the Club Coordinating Board, I will learn from the experiences and wisdom of the predecessors to proactively advance the well-being of the La Salle community by providing dynamic and innovative events that inspire engagement, enrich student well-being, and bolster retention through experiential learning. To be more, I wish to aspire and mentor those who wish and are interested to become the Chairman of the Club Coordinating Board so that our Lasallian spirits will never end.

I will focus on listening to feedback and fostering honest communication between my team members. I will lead with integrity and support other members as we work towards the common goal of striving excellence for our students.



Chairman of the Discipline Board

As the chairman of the Discipline Board (DB), my mission is to lead members of the DB who will maintain daily school discipline and provide support in major school functions.

Due to the pandemic, most junior DB members did not have chances to participate in major school functions, such as the Christmas Ball and Talent Quest. They lack knowledge and experiences working as a DB which lowers their sense of belonging.

I aspire to reinforce the bonding between senior and junior DB members, so as to develop potential of junior members and to prepare senior members for important roles. This can be actualized through training camps and handling more vital roles in daily duties.



As the treasurer of the 47th Student Association, I aim to ensure the efficiency of processing financial transactions, trying my best to involve all members and saving up capital from unnecessary purchasement for more valuable acquisition. In light of the 90th anniversary, the products published by the Student Association are anticipated to exceed the past few years. Much more capital will be utilized and more transactions are involved. I aim to approve these transactions as efficiently as possible without compromising the quality of products. Other than improving the efficiency of technical procedures, I also hope to heighten the sense of belonging and involvement of FC members.



Secretariat General

The major responsibility of the Secretariat would be producing quality design and products to satisfy students’ wills and wants. A self-designed website and workshop for students or members who are interested in website development and designing will be launched. Designer workshops will also be put forward to help design stream members control applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator and enhance the efficiency of their job. On the other hand, various products will be produced and designed. Computer bags, pencil bags and tie clips will be re-designed and produced. T-shirts will also be produced so that students can wear them as casual wear. Besides, attentiveness and sense of belonging of members will be focused so that they can enjoy their work in the Secretariat.


Chairman of the Publication Board

My mission is to lead the board members to become experienced writers. Members are required to submit compositions monthly, which can increase their writing skills. Additionally, my goal is to raise a sense of belonging to the school in both board members and students. By publishing articles regularly in the magazines, the Homegrown and the Lasallite, members will have plenty of experience in documenting school events, as a result increasing their knowledge of the school and nurturing a sense of belonging. Moreover, members can improve journalism skills through interviewing guests for the magazines. Oppositely, for students, reading articles about school history and school events also broaden their views of the school, hence achieving the goal of raising belonging. The Publications Board will work closely with the Editorial Board, with the mission to publish the best articles for students to read.