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“It is more substantial to represent a purpose, rather than just a title.”

The Class Representative Board has always been the bridge between the students and the Student Association, and ultimately reaching the school administration. Aspiring to provide the best experience to the students and promote interaction among the school, we provide services such as stationery borrowing services, renewal of student ID cards and student welfare schemes. The services commenced right after every year’s Inauguration Ceremony and Badge Conferring Ceremony, at the rental office and the newspaper stalls, owing to the members’ dedication and passion.

Apart from the above, the CRB is also responsible for hosting the Annual Christmas Ball. With months of planning and preparation, our dazzling Christmas Ball attracts hundreds of youngsters every year from all across Hong Kong to gather around our school auditorium, awaiting a trouvaille for their serendipity under the glistening mistletoe. Thanks to the hard work and efforts by the CRB, the guests had a memorable and unforgettable night luxuriating in the presence of their partners, indicating our success in the event across the years.

Giving the best to our schoolmates and the school, we represent a good purpose, not a blatant title.



“Beauty is in the coordination of things.”

By supervising different activities and monitoring the proper functioning of clubs, the Clubs Coordinating Board has always been in charge of enhancing students' school life experiences. Starting by organizing the ECA promotion fair in September, the CCB actively promotes the participation of students in clubs and activities, enriching their secondary school life. We act as a communication channel between students, teachers and various clubs to provide fellow Lasallians with quality club experiences and acquire them with knowledge and interest, such that their horizons extend beyond any textbook could provide. With about 50 clubs under us, we collect club attendances and term reports to enforce the extracurricular life of students.

On top of that, the Clubs Coordinating Board is also responsible for hosting the well-known Talent Quest every year. The Talent Quest of our school offers a stage and spotlight to those who illuminate in the dark, providing our schoolmates with an opportunity to perform and express their blossoming talents, like a scintillare in pitch black. The CCB plans, prepares, publicizes and promotes the event for the performers and fellow Lasallians to enjoy an evening of mellifluous wonders, letting the colours diverge. Guest performers showing up every year top the cake with icing, further attracting Lasallians to immerse in this event.

With coordination, we provide students with a fruitful and content-rich life inside our campus outside the textbooks, allowing them to witness the beauty they would never experience within lines of text.


“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”

The Student Association Discipline Board is responsible for maintaining discipline in our school on a daily basis, striving to create a harmonious environment for students to pursue their dreams. It assists the school authority in maintaining discipline and facilitates the smooth running of various functions and events for our fellow Lasallians.

Right after the Inauguration Ceremony and the Badge Conferring Ceremony, the regular duties commenced. From daily in-class duties, in-school patrols and regular uniform inspections to Annual Christmas Ball and the Talent Quest, the Discipline Board helped in operations of different scales, enforcing discipline of students whilst ensuring the events are in-place and guests well-served. Our members of the Discipline Board also demonstrated utmost maturity and self-regulation, serving as a role model to fellow schoolmates in various aspects, such as attitude, conduct and dedication to their alma mater. Goals and ambitions of the school are likely to accomplish in the light of our disciplinary services.

Apart from the aforementioned duties, the members of the Discipline Board will also participate in an annual three-day-two-night training camp in late September, equipping them with leadership and communication skills, which is the crux to the operation of the Board, as a team. Strong bonds and togetherness are also developed in the process. The Board is sure to serve at its best and strive for excellence year after another.



“Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant.”

The Finance Committee is responsible for monitoring the financial matters of our school. Ranging from small-scaled Student Association’s operations to large-scaled school functions, the Finance Committee is to prepare financial budgets and write financial statements regularly in order to manage all revenue and expenses to maintain the long-term liquidity and stability of the Student Association’s financial status.

The Committee run the logistics for various events including ordering lighting services for the Talent Quest and ordering supplies for cheering teams. We aim to maximize the revenue earned in events and limit the loss in expenses by outlining estimated budgets and deliberating over the necessity of certain expenses. With the aid of technology, we can usually collect sufficient data for processing to gain an accumulated surplus throughout the year, using them for funding other events in the Association to ensure their smooth operation.

Finances under proper control can be our excellent servant to lubricate the efficiency of events.


Issuing high quality and tailor-made products for the students is the essence of the Secretariat. Throughout the years, it has upheld the complimentary legacy issuing impeccable products for Lasallians and promotional materials for different events. Sterling tie clips, towels of crimson and La Salle themed hoodies of various designs are published year after year to enhance the students’ sense of belonging to their alma mater. On the other hand, encouraging banners are also designed by the Secretariat to be held high aloft in competitions like the annual Athletics Meet and the Interschool Swimming Competition, backing up our homegrown athletes and setting our passion aflame. With an online ordering platform, the reach of their products has even extended further, making them more accessible to all.

Besides, members of the Secretariat have also participated in a wide variety of events of the school like the Talent Quest and the Annual Christmas Ball, designing attractive tickets, engaging posters, grand decorations and even the luxurious chandelier to give the events beauty. The Secretariat’s contribution to the phenomenal moments in our school life is definitely remarkable.

With members of such devotion providing assistance to various departments in the Student Association and decent products to all Lasallians, they have truly strived for the Lasallian obligation to be “something more”.



“Publication is a marathon, not a sprint.”

The Publications Board is devoted to provide students with a platform to express themselves and resonate with each other through words. Through this platform, students can keep themselves updated with recent informative topics and develop a reading habit. The Publications Board has created an online platform on Instagram for reaching out to fellow Lasallians. It allows all Lasallians to write articles and submit them there, soon to be read by the general public, granting them the precious opportunity to express their souls with mesmerizing literature. Articles published regularly for sure will strike a chord in all of our hearts, sonorous and bright, resonating to one another in due course.

On top of that, the Board is also involved in several publication-related operations. The Board reaches out to Joint-Us Publishing to provide discounted DSE-preparatory material like past papers and exercises for fellow Lasallians to order and purchase. Moreover, it is also responsible for the Student Association’s stall at the Family Fun Day every year, making sure that people visiting our school leave with a smile on their faces. Honorary publications are like interviews of leaving brothers and ‘Brotherhood’ themed promotional videos are also in our scope of work, bringing cohesion to our school and circulating information effectively.

With consistency and persistence, we can complete the marathon of publication with the ink and quill of Lasallians.