Report on what it is like being a news reporter

Shedding light on hidden stories in society.


The best part of my job:

Working as a news reporter allows me to visit different places around the globe, from undeveloped towns and countries to one of the most advanced megacities in the world. This has pushed me to understand the world better, to think from a wider perspective and broadened my horizons. No two places are alike, every place I have been teaches me something new, whether it’s the culture, their lifestyle, or even the way people communicate. Thanks to my job as a news reporter, I now acquire the skills to consider the needs of different people when making a decision.

The biggest challenge I have ever had in my job:

People often picture a news reporter as a man with effective oratorical skills. However, having a shy and reserved personality, I was not capable of communicating fluently with strangers. During my early days of being a news reporter, I was assigned to interview the Chief Executive Officer of a chain supermarket on his story of success for the next news report. Without much experience, the interview ended with little information obtained. I went back to my office and was scolded by my manager. Although it wasn’t a pleasant experience, this mistake made me grow as a news reporter and facilitated the success and accomplishment I have today.

My school days:

I have had a strong passion for photography since senior secondary. After getting admitted into the school campus TV team, I would regularly shoot photos and videos of our school for promotional videos. This school team provided me with the gears I needed to satisfy my urge to record every important moment in my school life and nurtured me with the skills of photography. If it was not for the school campus TV team, I would have given up on being a news reporter due to the high cost of buying photography gears.

What makes me proud as a news reporter:

As a news reporter, I find my job very meaningful. In our fast-paced society, residents hardly have enough time to pay attention to the events happening around them. I serve to report the truth and facts of different events, no matter how significant or negligible it is, to the public. I am very proud of making use of the facts I gathered and presenting my views on a particular topic closely related to our daily lives.